Depicts technical and economic interrelationships

decide maps your organization’s existing infrastructure into a mathematical model, comprehensively describes the solution space to decarbonize your processes, captures technical interrelationships, and simulates system dynamics based on physical and economic models.

Ensures high speed through a modular approach

Uses a modular approach and builds systems from sub-models. decide comes with a comprehensive component library and is highly flexible, mapping your systems on a project-specific basis.

Finds the cost-optimal solution

Uses the latest mathematical methods and automatically searches the solution space of millions of different solution pathways for the mathematical optimum.

Compare alternative actions and future scenarios at the touch of a button

Compare different technical solution paths or different emission reduction paths at the touch of a button. Find your balance of Capex, Opex and emissions.

Continuous support for your climate management

We operate in a dynamic market environment and a constantly evolving regulatory environment. Conventional climate transition plans are often outdated even before they are handed over to the customer. With our digital planning tool, we integrate current market data directly and adapt your planning to changing conditions at the touch of a button. This allows you to remain agile even under dynamic conditions.

Automates reporting and delivers up-to-date PDF and Excel reports at the touch of a button.

Scientifically sound and practically proven method

Scientifically sound and practically proven method

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